Build the ActionCOACH business coaching Firm to reach your personal and financial goals.

Service-based franchises are growing rapidly as consumers clamor for services over product-based solutions. An ActionCOACH Business Service Firm is the perfect way to deliver needed cutting-edge business education to owners around the world and a great way for you to become a business owner yourself.

Today, more than ever before, small-to-medium business owners need education and coaching services to help them flourish because they are the core of our local economies. ActionCOACH is focused on doing just that by building a community which serves more than a million business owners worldwide. Being an ActionCOACH member means you are part of this business transformation movement.

Building and owning a Business Service Firm gives you the flexibility to choose what part of the business your skills and experience fit best. Operating within an exclusive territory gives you a business base of no less than 10,000 businesses to serve. With unlimited growth potential, an ActionCOACH Business Service Firm lets your employee business coaches and team members focus on delivering the highest quality business solutions, practical strategies and educational resources to help local businesses thrive.

With economic threats, pandemics and political upheaval, many business owners find themselves alone fending for themselves. That is where a business coach comes in…Not a consultant, a coach. Business coaches work directly with business owners, executives and their teams to make lasting change in an organization. ActionCOACH provides C.A.R.E. – Coaching, Accountability, Results, and Education and ActionCOACH provides you a comprehensive system, proven and tested process, and a vault of resources to give the ongoing CARE every business owner needs.

ActionCOACH is the leader and innovator that started the industry back in 1993. Franchising since 1997, ActionCOACH has almost three decades of experience and now has more than 1200 franchise partners in more than 86 countries. Choosing to work with the leader in the industry already positions you for success.

It’s time to consider business ownership. It’s time to become the entrepreneur you have always dreamed of being. It’s time to be your own boss and take control of your future. Build a business that grows in value over time and will help you leave a legacy. We are excited to help you start your business ownership journey.