Choco Mania Café

We are a Swedish café brand, offering customers happiness on a plate using our own premium molten chocolates, crêpes and hand-made waffles to create an ultimate customer experience. The menu differs from your normal café and offers exciting and playful items, and is highly appreciated by customers. 

The offering consists of different chocolates and nutella drinks, waffles, milkshakes, sweet crêpes and light snacks. We also offer ice cream and sundaes with fresh fruits. Choco Mania café doesn’t require active cooking or grilling and thus doesn’t produce food smell and requires little staffing, allowing it to open shops practically anywhere. 

Choco Mania aims to attract fika customers looking for something other than a muffin or apple pie, and delivers an elegant fika experience. The Choco Mania business has a market position which capitalizes on a unique offering based on our products, thus staying far away from competitive café chains’ business area. The café equipment and investment is limited since the machinery is considered cheap. 

We offer our franchise taker a high-margin business based on few ingredients making it simple to operate and fun to work with. You will receive a professional franchise system based on clear processes, organised documentation and require limited products – making business easy and smooth to run. In addition, Choco Mania marketing are extremely talented using social media and your branch will be included in our strong marketing presence to get attention and further grow your business. 

You need to bring a positive attitude and preferably have some form of experience in working with people and managing simple operations. We offer help and support in the design and layout of your shop, possibility to financing and leasing, and even offer bundles covering full insurance and cash machine at best market rates from our partner firms. 


Choco Mania Café