Programeringsskola för barn och tonåringar



Coding Giants is an innovative school that provides coding trainings to children and youth aged 7 to 19. We established the school in 2015 and since then every day we share our knowledge and experience with the young generation.

We want to inspire young people with our passion for programming. We believe that learning to program develops not only digital skills, giving a better start into the future, but - more importantly - stimulates the mental development of a child. The mission of our school is to make this knowledge available to the widest possible range of young people, broaden their horizons, give space to develop their creativity, and constantly support students in creating their own future.


During our six-year business operations, we have already managed to:

  • launch 40+ courses for various age groups (7 - 19 years old)
  • work out over 300 class scenarios
  • reach the number of more than 100,000 satisfied customers
  • open branches in Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Singapore, Czech Republik and Dubai (130 facilities altogether)



  • 115 branches - both own and franchise: we know how to run a school as well as how to cooperate with partners - we are aware of the challenges franchisees face on a daily basis; knowing that, we can efficiently support you at every stage of our cooperation
  • Top of the top training scenarios: a real challenge is to provide classes that are fruitful in terms of learning and interesting for children at the same time and we know how to do it
  • Great ratings: 94% of overall satisfaction - with such ratings you will easily attract your local audience and fill up the attending lists
  • Loyal customers: 84% of our customers sign up for at least one more consecutive course, so a student, if once attracted, will stay with you for longer; thus, you make your marketing spendings more efficient and assure long-term financial stability to your company
  • CRM system: you will get access to an extensive system to manage the facility and customer relationship; you will have full control over what happens in your school
  • Marketing activities: we will provide you with a proposition of successful marketing

          actions adaptable to your local conditions


  • know-how and experience that will save your money and time
  • time-proven standards of managing an educational facility
  • detailed and exhaustive training scripts for classes as well as materials for students

          that will ensure a high level of education at your school

  • templates of documents and marketing materials shorten up the time needed to open

          your branch

  • best practices in terms of promotional activities that will help you gather many

         students at your school from the very first semester

  • access to an extensive CRM system that facilitates the handling of entries, payments,

          and communication with clients, so that you have every operational aspect under control


There are two models of cooperation available: unit franchise or master franchise. A unit franchisee opens one or more schools and runs it for a profit from participants' fees. By the master franchise, a partner gains also territorial exclusivity and is entitled to sell-out sub- franchise licences.

Initial investment starts at €10,000. Royalties equal 10-12% of the turnover. The final values depend on the location of the facility and the franchise model chosen by a partner.


Coding Giants