Franchise World Link


Our mission is to increase profitability of franchisors and investors in key strategic countries. Always with ethics, integrity and trust. 

Our Franchise World Link platform has been developed over the years in close collaboration with franchisors and entrepreneurs. Franchisors and investors in fast growing countries do need a strategy. When you want to be successful in franchise, it is not only about investment in a country, it is also about finding the right partners and following some key strategic steps to reach your goals. Our innovative platform is based on a unique management system and on business franchise opportunities bringing data from individual, entrepreneurs, franchisors, and investors. 

Discover how Franchise World Link platform users find partners of interest to them. The Franchise World Link model is a unique hub to potential new relationships in the global franchise growing industry helping collaboration processes with outstanding professionals. 

We have a large experience in franchising. We are operating in fast growing countries with a strong focus on Africa, Latin America and Asia. We are specialized in connecting franchisors, investors and entrepreneurs. We are brokers for master franchisees and specialized in franchise merger & acquisition. We provide key value-added services to the franchise industry.