La Cure Gourmande söker masterfranchisetagare för sin Svenska etablering


La Cure Gourmande was created in 1989 and has patiently developed a network of 23 branches and integrated manufacturing of the products constituting its ranges. Additionally, 54 franchised stores worldwide in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. 

La Cure Gourmande tells a simple story, understood by the greatest number, and regular clientele that by appropriating the concept is its best ambassador. The universe of this concept is a circus in the poetic sense that treats, fun, passion, emotional and amazement mix. It is also traditional for its product and timeless in its operation and its perception. It has three essential elements that make it universal: gluttony, which brings back emotional in each of us our emotional inking, is pleased to offer through the gifts. 

La Cure Gourmande has decided to integrate all productions; it ensures the highest quality of its products both in the choice of raw materials in the manufacturing process, thus ensuring continuous improvement of these. It also allows him to be in a constant search for new products, one of the pledges of the dynamics of the concept. 

Our stores need to be places of wonder, where gluttony is exacerbated by the pleasure. But beyond all this we want our customers to spend a pleasant moment, unforgettable, imbued with sweetness emotional anchors, carried by the world of Cure Gourmande. 

The business of selling biscuits, sweets and chocolates is complex and requires great professionalism. You must become a true specialist in these products, namely speak with passion. The staging of the products requires care and skill in everyday life. Gourmande is to be sensitive to this singular adventure and be prepared to tell this story, live and transmit these emotions, defend these values being its best ambassador. 




La Cure Gourmande