The PIRNAR franchise is one of the shortest paths to success.


The transition to a profitable and successful franchise unit is quick because of the verified and highly detailed procedures that are used in Pirnar‘s salons around the world.

Why is a model  from PIRNAR more  competitive than similar models?

“With our unique and simple sales system, we sell 900 doors annually in our central salon.”

We perform all key activities  in-house. The vast majority of our competitors assemble items they receive from subcontractors. We do everything by ourselves, so we can be much more competitive than other companies on the market. At PIRNAR, the customer always receives more than they do elsewhere.

No compromises. Anywhere. We pay great attention to detail, because no detail is insignificant on the way to an integral whole. If necessary, we choose the more difficult path, as long as the end result is flawless.

We do what our competition cannot do. A machine has its limits, but the craftsman’s hand does not. At PIRNAR, the most beautiful and sensitive parts are completed manually. Nothing leaves the company until it has been made into a masterpiece.

We are full of surprises every day, every year. PIRNAR has an unquenchable desire for improvement. We always move the boundaries of what is possible. Innovation is not merely a phrase for us, it is what we do every day.

This is Pirnar.
Prize-winning design. Beautifully handcrafted masterpieces. Bespoke European craftsmanship. Most carefully selected materials. World innovations.


  1. Företagsnamn: Pirnar
  2. Land/Stad: Slovenien/Ljubljana
  3. Number of units/stores today in the world: 9 (Slovenia, USA, UK, Germany, Austria)
  4. Which type of licensee/franchisee are you searching for in Sweden?: Area Developer
  5. Investment in total € (Franchisee): € 190.000
  6. Entry fee in total € (Franchisee):: € 50.000
  7. Sales in total € Year 1 (Franchisee): € 350.000
  8. Sales in total € Year 3 (Franchisee): € 1.000.000
  9. Margin (%) (Franchisee): 45 %