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The amalgam of the royal tastes and the Sikh flavors has placed Punjab on a high culinary pedestal. The food fit for the royals! Punjab Grill refabricates experience by making it richer and modern but also keeps the old ideals at the helm. 

Our food is our pride - Glory from the past, promise for a better future! From Salmon Tikka to Tandoori Guchchi, from Champ Taajdaar to Raan-E-Sikandari, we offer a huge spread of some of the very best of North Indian? Punjabi cuisine. Our Team is our strength! Punjab Grill – Gourmet Fine Dining is owned by Lite Bite Foods. The company was founded in the year 2001 and has achieved new heights of success ever since. Mr. Amit Burman and Mr. Rohit Aggarwal have a rich experience in the Food & Beverage industry and an acute understanding of the global cuisines. They run an array of brands in the food business. Chef Gurpreet Singh is an epitome of positive energy and brings a fresh perspective to the cuisines as the Corporate Chef of Punjab Grill. The experience and the vigor he brings with him is not only vital but also reflects the inherent quality of the brand. A strive to present the best of the past for the most tasteful future! 

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Punjab Grill