Go fresh with our Shakes, Burgers & Fries


Surf Shack´s restaurants are fast-casual west coast American family-style dining restaurants. Surf Shack focuses on providing higher quality products that are both fresh and locally produced. We are expanding in Sweden and are looking for franchisees.

Our product

The meat for our smash burgers is ground fresh daily and served with an artisan bread. Our golden-brown French fries are picked from the farm and hand cut daily. Our shakes are hand spun and all made in the classic American diner way.  

The concept

We also provide our customers with a selection of west coast American classics served in our way and some other tasty original recipes that keep the customers coming back for more, and everything comes at a reasonable price.

Locations and premises

Surf Shack´s restaurants are typically located in urban locations, alongside the beach, sea or in retail shopping centers. Other sites such as sports arenas, airports and train stations are looked at on a case-by-case basis. Surf Shack restaurants will typically range from 120 to 450 square meters depending on its location and outside seating.

The Franchise Offer

Surf Shack offers the right to establish and operate a Surf Shack restaurant under our franchise agreement. 

Training Assistance

 Surf Shack's initial training program, will be in Malmö or Lund in one the original establishments. The training period will last approximately 4-8 weeks, where you will work side by side with our managers. You will learn how to master the skills required to run a fast-casual dining restaurant. These skills to name a few will include placing orders with the providers, scheduling, and routines for both service and the kitchen. This training will give you knowledge on how to cook and serve your guest's high-quality food at a fast pace.


Surf Shack does not offer any financing.

What are the future Surf Shack franchisee characteristics?

Someone(s) who has a love for fresh quality food and who enjoys the fast paste tempo of working in the restaurant business. Preferably someone who has restaurant experience and has spent some years in the business.

If you are interested in opening your own Surf Shack, fill out the form and we will get in touch with you.


Surf Shack